Pipeline Management & Forecasting are Key to Improving the Sales Experience – Ebook

Let’s explore some of the current processes around pipeline management and forecasting and how they can be improved.

Published October 2019


Getting accurate and reliable information about the state of the deals in your pipeline is the key to a smooth sales process.

Accurate pipeline information is also the foundation of predictable and reliable sales forecasts. Wouldn’t a sales forecast that’s right all of the time be a boon to your organisation?

Download our new eBook “Pipeline Management and Forecasting are Key to Improving the Sales Experience” to find out how automated tools, AI and clean data sets can help you as a sales manager to:

  • Eliminate the mid-pipeline “black hole” and find out what’s really going on.
  • Use signals outside of your CRM to get scarily accurate deal opportunity scores and quarterly forecasts.
  • Help align the customer journey with your sales process and get happy customers and happy sales reps.

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