Storage Challenges in the Age of Petabyte-Scale Digital Transformation

InfiniBox: Doing more with less

Published November 2019


Digital transformation is a business enabler, one that also translates to an increase in the demand for greater storage capacity and performance. This increasing demand requires IT organizations to re-examine their data storage strategy as the growth in capacity doesn’t align with a shrinking IT budget. To support the growth of the business and remain competitive in a global digital market, CIOs are asked more than ever to “do more with less,” while improving performance and availability at the same time.

Doing more with less requires new thinking, one which traditional architectures were never designed to provide. Making a trade-off between high capacity, high performance, or low cost is no longer acceptable, as all three are expected in a competitive enterprise storage solution. At the same time, enterprise IT operations are facing competition from cloud providers, who can leverage their scale to reduce the up-front cost of infrastructure.

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