Enterprise on-ramp to AI

AI asset bundle

Published November 2019


Getting the most out of Artificial Intelligence requires a capable AI implementation, which takes team building, the right technology choices, and time - weeks, months, and sometimes even years.

  • Intel has prepared this AI resource kit to help you accelerate and enhance the process as you build an insights-driven organization. The kit includes:

  • An eGuide that covers critical implementation steps and offers practical recommendations when it comes to building an insights-driven business.
  • A solution brief that provides tips for accelerating AI inferencing and deployment with infrastructure based on Intel® hardware and technology.
  • A technology brief that highlights the Intel software optimizations for TensorFlow* that accelerate AI inferencing and deployment.
  • Together, these three resources provide a synergistic combination of valuable information and practical suggestions for optimizing your AI infrastructure and achieving actionable insights.

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