Optimising your data for business analytics

Analytics asset bundle

Published November 2019


As your data resources grow, so do your opportunities to draw deeper, more powerful insights from analytics. But making progress isn’t easy. In fact, a recent survey of 1,000 companies found that just 8 percent have been able to productionize and scale their analytics programs. (1)

Intel has prepared this advanced analytics resource kit to help you accelerate and enhance the process as you build a data-driven organization. The kit includes:

  • An eGuide designed to help you discover areas for improvement in your data pipeline and your organization.
  • A white paper that examines the inherent database performance limitations of main memory and proposes a practical alternative that increases throughput on SAP HANA* and other memory-intensive applications.
  • A technology brief that will further introduce you to the persistent memory solution that can affordably address large data sets and accelerate in-memory databases.
  • Together, these three resources provide a synergistic combination of valuable information and practical suggestions for optimizing your analytics infrastructure and achieving actionable insights.

(1) https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/mckinsey-analytics/our-insights/breaking-away-the-secrets-to-scaling-analytics

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