Definitive guide to MSSQL Server Deployment on Nutanix Enterprise Guide

A New Approach To Microsoft SQL Server Infrastructure

Published November 2019


It has become imperative for IT teams to run Microsoft SQL Server environments efficiently, minimizing management overhead without sacrificing performance or availability. However, because of the criticality of SQL Server databases and the applications that use them, many may still be running on siloed infrastructure that adds expense and complexity.

This book takes a closer look at SQL Server databases and associated applications and explains how Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can meet performance and availability needs while eliminating silos and increasing resource utilization. The unique Nutanix architecture and the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS eliminate the need for forklift infrastructure upgrades every 3-5 years while providing a new level of flexibility for how you deploy and run your SQL environments. The result is predictable performance, exceptional availability, cloudlike infrastructure consumption, robust security, and seamless application mobility.

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