Smarter Security Risk Assessments for Finance Firms

An HP Whitepaper

Published November 2019


If your business involves managing other people’s money, investments, real estate, or insurance, buckle up. The financial sector is a juicy target for hackers, and your security risk assessment may be suffering. In 2017 alone, the number of cybercriminal attacks on financial firms grew 70 percent, according to Market Expertz data.

Additionally, a Deloitte survey of 51 U.S.-based CIOs of financial firms found that most believe they’re not spending enough on security, especially when it comes to initiatives to improve company culture regarding cybersecurity. Every business faces endpoint security risks, but the top threats vary across industries. This is just one of the many reasons why a security risk assessment is an essential security budget item for 2019.

A recent industry threat analysis revealed finance and banking firms faced 40,000 distinct examples of Trojan botnets and new physical tampering risks, like ATM jackpotting. To establish a system for dealing with threats like these, think like a hacker and don’t overlook a single endpoint in your network.

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