2020 State of the Phish

An In-Depth Look at User Awareness, Vulnerability and Resilience

Published January 2020


Do you have a good sense of how well users understand cybersecurity terms and best practices? Do you know the top issues infosec teams are dealing with as a result of phishing attacks? How about the ways organisations are fighting social engineering attacks?

Proofpoint's sixth annual State of the Phish report delivers critical, actionable insights into the current state of the phishing threat, including:

  • End-user awareness and knowledge gaps that could be hurting your cybersecurity defences
  • Impacts of phishing attacks and the ways infosec pros are trying to combat these threats
  • How Proofpoint customers are approaching phishing awareness training and the ways Proofpoint are helping them measure success

Download this report to learn how organisations can take a more inward, people-centric view of their vulnerabilities and empower users to become a stronger line of defence.

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