Fortinet Secure SD-WAN: Best-of-Breed NGFW and SD-WAN in a Single Offering


Published February 2020

  • Most organizations are in the midst of some form of digital transformation—which includes adopting more cloud services to deliver better value to customers. But digital initiatives without WAN transformation also bring complexity. This can lead to potential performance issues, especially at enterprise branch locations. Given these realities, it is no wonder that software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) technology is rapidly becoming a mainstream solution.

    In "Fortinet Secure SD-WAN: Best-of-Breed NGFW and SD-WAN in a Single Offering," results presented are based on a Gartner study conducted to further understand the changing trends and adoption behavior of new disruptive technologies that are impacting WAN vendors and customers. Among the topics covered in this publication:

  • Security and SD-WAN
  • Automation as the key to reducing cost
  • WAN concerns for cloud and digital initiatives

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