Optimising the WAN

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As more and more business processes become dependent on network connectivity, companies are finding that just adding more bandwidth does not solve many service issues. This broadcast delivers a practical real world look at WAN optimisation, its true value to the modern business and demonstrates some of the available solutions.

What will the panel discuss?

  • Optimising applications: What are the different needs of different types of application, and how to ensure their service levels can be met in terms of performance.
  • Branch and remote office latency in consolidation scenarios: How to deliver information and services.
  • Data centre Wide Area Data Replication: Why does this need to be done? What challenges need to be overcome? What are the options available?
  • Mobile user connectivity: What are the challenges (security, availability, and performance) and what options are open?

Who is on the panel?

Joining Tim in The Register studio will be Riverbed’s Mark Lewis, and Tony Lock from Freeform Dynamics.

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