The Hunt: A Cyber Attack in the Process Industry

An F-Secure Case Study

Published February 2020


When there is a lot to lose, cyber security needs to be a priority. Like in the manufacturing sector.

Imagine a competitor releasing your prototype for a rip off price only a few weeks before you were planning to go public. Your investment in (years of) research and development would go to waste. Or, envision a hacker messing with your production systems. Even a short production downtime would cost you millions. And it would take weeks to bring the process back running.

This eBook presents a cyber attack against a large company in the pulp and paper industry. It pictures a worst case scenario where the attacker is able to get all the way to the production systems. Although the case is completely fictional, it is based on real experiences of F-Secure’s cyber security consultants. It conveys the intricacy of an industrial cyber attack and the pain points of a defending company.

Read the eBook to learn about the methods attackers use to sneak past your defensive barriers, find out what happens in a full-blown ICS attack and get a comprehensive understanding of cyber security challenges in manufacturing.

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