The Definitive Guide to SD-WAN

An Open Systems Whitepaper

Published March 2020


As digital disruption has led businesses to re-evaluate and reimagine almost every aspect of their operations, many have found that the traditional wide area network (WAN) just isn’t keeping up.

Organizations are turning to the power and simplicity of SD-WAN to answer their network demands – and to be ready for new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G mobile, AI, and more.

In this guide, Open Systems explains:

  • Why SD-WAN is the best choice for business networking needs, today and in the future<\li>
  • How SD-WAN can greatly reduce network complexity and cost<\li>
  • Best practices for making the transition to next-gen SD-WAN<\li>
  • What to look for in an SD-WAN vendor – and what to look out for<\li>

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