Third Party Privileged Access to Critical Systems

A Long-Standing Problem that Requires a Modern Solution

Published March 2020


Third party vendors have come to play a valuable role in maintaining today’s complex and distributed enterprise infrastructure. CyberArk conducted a survey with 130 IT and security decision makers from enterprise organizations in August 2019 to learn more about third party access and the current solutions used to reduce this risk. CyberArk found that 90% of organizations allow third party vendors access to their critical systems. Of these:

  • 64% use up to 100 third party vendor users.
  • 26% use over 100 third party vendor users.

To successfully carry out their tasks, authorized third party organizations require rapid and secure provisioning/deprovisioning of privileged access to specific corporate IT systems. The challenge is to do so quickly, efficiently and in compliance with a growing body of regulations impacting third party relationships.

With a dissolving perimeter, business critical applications and systems distributed on-premises and in the cloud, enterprise IT and security teams alike must find more efficient, trackable and scalable ways to grant secure access to a growing number of remote vendors.

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