The Register Agile Data Center Summit

An Exclusive Reg Event

Watch The Register and experts from across the industry for an interactive event aimed at helping IT departments weather the economic storm and continue to deliver market leading services to their business.

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As organizations face increasing financial pressure IT is one of the first areas to come under the spotlight. When those controlling the purse strings start asking questions; you want to be best equipped to provide educated answers and suitable initiatives.

This event looks to describe, demonstrate and debate strategies and solutions that help IT departments continue to deliver market leading services for their business. If you are responsible for IT, or want to understand more about improving IT effectiveness in your organisation, this is one for you.

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Event Schedule

Event introduction and opening remarks

Presenter: Tim Phillips – The Register
  • Tim opens preceedings in his own inimitable style

Analyst Keynote

Presenter: Jon Collins – Freeform Dynamics
Freeform Dynamics
  • Data centers in the light of today's needs and capabilities
  • Starting points in the form of setting a rationale for the agile data centre
  • Suggestions for an evolutionary approach to achieving the benefits

Rationale and value enablers

Presenter: Matt Brooks - Senior Enterprise Architect, Dell
  • Drivers for change
  • Initial assessment of likely benefits
  • Components of the business case, including initial assumptions
  • Results achieved in terms of cost saving, flexibility and value
  • Lessons learned and advice to others starting the journey
  • Where do we go from here?

Enabling technology/techniques in more detail

Presenter: Bill Henderson, VMware
  • Virtualisation level set – consolidation versus resource pooling versus cloud
  • Server consolidation practicalities in commonly encountered scenarios
  • What are the essentials in terms tools and technology?
  • What are you likely to need down the line and why?
  • Incorporation of hosted cloud services into the mix from third parties

The Evolutionary approach to the Agile Datacentre

Presenter: Jake Smith, Intel
  • Assessing your current status and setting sensible objectives
  • Explicit modernisation initiatives versus ongoing project decisions
  • Prioritisation and phasing of activity
  • Who needs to be involved in terms of practical execution?
  • Potential blockers to progress and ways to work around them
  • Critical success criteria for a satisfactory outcome


Presenter: All Panel Members
The Register
  • The Register debate reaches its climax with a roundtable discussion
  • All of the day's viewers get the opportunity to grill and discuss with the event panel, one on one

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