Managing desktop software for fun and profit

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In this webcast, Gabriel Consulting’s Dan Olds and Egan Christensen of Dell discuss how hosted software asset management options make tackling the support headache easier, as well as helping to save money for the business.

Reg research has shown that organizations large and small have a poor handle on the desktop software usage. Some experts estimate that 30% of the desktop software in the typical organization is unnecessary. Eliminating this via software asset management can save money and significantly reduce desktop management complexity.

Whether you have paid for more licenses than you have users or if you have more users than paid licenses, or even if you have several different solutions that fulfill the same need, software asset management will identify these cases and help IT pros rationalize their desktop software portfolio. While many organizations make a heroic attempt to keep tabs on desktop software sprawl, it’s often a manual process and therefore an extremely tedious job.

There are, of course, packages that can be implemented to handle the problem with more software – but it’s then just another ‘thing’ that needs to be managed. An emerging ‘third way’, procuring software asset management as a service, promises to do the job, while minimizing implementation and management hassles.

Help save money and significantly reduce desktop management complexity in your organisation. Tune into the conversation using the view now button below.

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